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LAfirstep is based in Los Angeles but we can also provide an on-line consulting service that will help you make the right decision before you'll waste more time, money and efforts. We work closely with large and small business’s to find the very essence of their needs.

The first consulting will be necessary, in order to guide you to the right professional who will eventually work on your specific needs and criteria.

If you want to book your consultation, please double check the Calendar availability and give our staff a minimum of 24 hours to a maximum of 48 hours to properly answer you and to give you an official confirm of your booking. Same-day consults are not allowed.

LAfirstep works only in association with the best and most reliable American professionals, in order to always deliver an exclusive, impeccable and useful service.

Paola Cipollina
CEO & President


She started in the mid 80’s working in the fashion business and creating the first franchise of international fashion schools: called “Esse Moda” and famous all over the world. She has a practical and deep knowledge of the management rules and she’s able to show her undeniable skills in any production field that require strong bases of financial knowledge and budgeting.

Donatella Granata


Donatella is the owner of "Boston Art Passion", a company who is a leader in the video and photography market. Granata has studied at the University of Messina where she earned her degree in pedagogy and began her career as a teacher. She spent her youth traveling to discover all the new fashion trends while working with the most important brands in Milan, Rome, Florence, and New York.

Gianluca Boccaletti
Manager & partner Lafirstep 

Gianluca lives in Rome, and he does social media management, digital marketing and networking as living. Since 2014 he got that the real business was moving “online” and that’s why he decided to begin networking.

Gianluca has so many hobbies, he likes nature, traveling, history and archeology, he's passioned of entrepreneurship and investments. He loves horror movies and Tarantino’s movies, he likes to read yellow books and he's a true “on the road” addicted. 

G is in love with the American culture and landscapes, he's a true dreamer and he likes making new friends all over the world.

His motto is: ain’t no dream is too big, but just too small motivations!

Giuseppe Giuliano


He earns his University Degree as a Lawyer in 2004 with an essay based on a criminology study.He currently runs his own lawfirm “Il Punto Giuridico di Giulianova” as a professional private legal consultant. He also founded and owns the majority of the shares of “Italian Lawyers Center”, an international lawfirm that helps and supports the legal communications between Italy and the USA.

Veronica Centasso


Veronica is a certified international event planner and designer. After starting her career in the hospitality industry, she moved to the Caribbean where she founded her first company “V stylish Events”. She moved to Los Angeles in 2013 continuing to craft lovely events for her clients. After publishing her first book “how to plan and design a celebration of a lifetime”, hosting her own radio show, and crafting an event for 150 female UN delegates in New York she decided to focus on weddings. Today she is a destination wedding and honeymoon specialist and when she not assisting one of her brides you can find her eating sweet things and balancing it off by teaching ballet, her first love.

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